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Multi-column Layouts

The two column layout use the entire width of the page for content. It is not intended for a sub-navigation but can have one if desired. This layout is well suited for landing pages before a content section, about us and contact pages.

The three column design uses 3 equal width columns. These can all contain content or you can optionally adapt any of the three into a sub-navigation.

2 and 3 Column Layout

2 column layout

Requires two div tags with the class "half-page".

<div class="half-page">Your first content column.</div>
<div class="half-page">Your second content column.</div>

View a sample page using this layout.

3 column layout

Requires three div tags with the class "one-third". Like the default page, the order the tags are entered in the code determines the order of appearance on the page.

<div class="one-third">Sub-navigation (optional)</div>
<div class="one-third">Your first content column.</div>
<div class="one-third">Your second content column.</div>